Client Comments

Gia Stokes

The SLL team was very knowledgeable about our project. Their individual attention and guidance was great. They have an awesome team and I would recommend them for any project. Christie was wonderful to work with. We had great communication and collaboration among all parties. The SLL team always ensured that they understood and adhered to the expected outcome, and made it clear to the general contractor. The SLL team was successful in ensuring that our project was on time and on budget. They worked closely with the general contractor to ensure minimal deviation from our budget and timeline, and they ensured that all conflicts ended in a win-win situation for us, the general contractor and subcontractors.

Gia StokesCFOLegal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
Jeff Woodcock

During the planning phases of the project Sean gave many helpful and cost savings ideas and has worked with the Facilities Committee to look at plans, and interface with the architects and contractor. He also assisted us in finding a construction manager and participated in the selection process. Sean is knowledgeable of the building process and is a man of integrity.

Jeff WoodcockHeadmasterOaks Christian School
George Lopez

Our project went amazingly well. The S.L. Leonard & Associates team brought a lot of insight and technical knowledge to our bid process and the front end of our contractor negotiations. We had five general contractors in the bid process. Strong negotiations by the SLL team gave us the best contract from both a liability and cost perspective. We are currently in construction and everything has been strictly by the book, with no variation. All critical path issues and potential conflicts have been resolved well before it had the potential to be an issue and delay the Project. Everything has been tackled head-on and we are currently ahead of schedule. We are very pleased.

George LopezProject ManagerJamboree Housing Corporation
Steve Armanino

Jamboree has worked with S.L. Leonard’s team on more than 10 projects and finds them to be proactive, responsive, and an effective resource in making both our rehab and new construction projects happen. They are a step ahead in addressing any project concerns, they anticipate our needs, and often identify and solve problems before they happen.

The Jamboree staff depends on Linda Mele, as the owner’s representative, to keep our contractors on task.  She has a thorough knowledge of construction, specifications, prevailing wages, LEED and other aspects that help us make key decisions and manage change orders.  A strong team player, Linda is a tremendous resource and helps Jamboree achieve its goal of delivering award winning sustainable multifamily housing.  She’s our eyes and ears on the job and really protects our interests.

Steve ArmaninoProject ManagerJamboree Housing Corporation
Karen Flock

Sean worked with our construction and development departments to help us improve the working between the two groups. Through his recommendations for managing our growing departments we were able to advance our project oversight from planning to building, and develop stronger communication processes between functions. The result has been better communication between development and construction staff, improved schedules and better control over budgets. At a recent staff meeting, Site Superintendent Juan Ayon reported that the structured meetings between construction and development staff have significantly improved his ability to work effectively on our Vista Hermosa development, compared with previous jobs. That project is under budget and will be completed on schedule.

Karen FlockReal Estate Development DirectorCabrillo Economic Development Corporation
Dr. Mark Tatlock

Working with S.L. Leonard & Associates has been a true delight. Sean Leonard is a consummate professional, a skilled diplomat, and is extraordinarily competent in the field of project management. A review of his resume will validate these superlative comments.  My endorsement of his work is without reservation. If I need a project manager in the future, S.L. Leonard & Associates will be my first, second and third choices.

Dr. Mark TatlockExecutive Vice President and ProvostThe Master’s College
Robert Egger

Dennis (Mitchem), we couldn’t wait any longer to personally thank you for all your efforts. Your leadership, knowledge and seasoned judgement were critical to the project. We all appreciate what you brought to the team, and will always remember the important role you played. You didn’t just help us build a new facility, you helped us build our future!

Robert EggerPresident & Founder of L.A. Kitchen
Tom Polansky

Sean is great at building relationships and working with architects in a way that balances design vision with the realities of the project while achieving each party’s goals. SLL’s project managers provide great communication across the board: With our campus clients, contractors, consultants and campus administration. Their detailed meeting minutes, monthly reports, and consistent follow though make my job much easier. It’s great to have highly experienced professionals on the ground.

Tom PolanskyDirector of FacilitiesOccidental College
Kim Bernard

I could not have handled this project without the help and guidance of Sean’s team. Their professionalism is exemplary. They kept the project progressing by not only maintaining detailed records of the myriad issues and decisions but by communicating consistently and often with the entire team. A project like this has so many moving parts and so many players that their roll was pivotal in maintaining the project timeline. We found them to be exceedingly fair and diplomatic in handling any conflicts or misunderstandings.

Kim BernardExecutive Director Facilities DesignWalker & Zanger, Inc.
Stacy Roscoe

From his first day on the job, Sean became an indispensable member of the team. Because Sean possesses strong critical thinking skills and has tremendous experience with complex construction contracts and payment systems, he rapidly established himself as the trusted interface for managing all aspects of the construction process from initial estimates to final payment and releases. I was especially impressed to see that he was soon trusted as much by the construction company counterparts as he was by me. This mutual trust and credibility was a key ingredient to forging a strong team focused on the same end results for our project in terms of cost, quality, and timing.

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Stacy RoscoeProject Coordinator for the Ventura County Community Foundation VCCF