Miriam Tasker, Project Manager

Miriam Tasker brings over 30 years of design and construction experience to S.L. Leonard & Associates. Miriam has accumulated vast experience in project management, design, production of working drawings, coordination of consultants, and supervision of building construction for diverse building project types. These include hotels, offices, schools, shopping center, churches, and single and multi-family low and high rise residential architecture.

Miriam’s project management experience at S.L. Leonard & Associates include the following projects:

  • CHARLES DREW UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE & SCIENCE’S Life Sciences and Nursing Education Building, a new, 81,000 SF, two story state of the art facility in South Los Angeles.
  • WAV, the Working Artists Ventura a 130,000 SF, four story mixed use project in Ventura
  • THE MASTER’S UNIVERSITY master plan management

Some of Ms. Tasker’s notable past projects include Whitesands School, Silverbird Galleria, Lagoon Secondary School, Diamond Bank Branch Building, D-Ivy College, Hold Trade Office Headquarters, Institute of Industrial Technology and the Nigerian Chancery in Canberra, Australia. 

During seventeen years in the position of architectural director, she has been personally involved in planning and supervising construction works for more than 26 Meetinghouses for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She also designed and supervised construction of a Regional Office and a Mission Home for the same organization. With her experience and understanding of what is required to transform an architectural concept to a functional, occupiable building, Miriam effectively manages both the design and construction of complex projects. 

Miriam received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Iowa State University and a Master of Architecture degree from Texas A & M University.