Sean Leonard Joins Casa Pacifica’s Board of Directors!


Sean Leonard is joining Casa Pacifica's Board of Directors! He and 22 other community advocates will be joining efforts with Casa Pacifica to help Ventura County's most vulnerable children and families. Read More

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Building The Dream Team


There are many tasks that an owner’s representative or construction manager will perform over the course of a project. Plenty of them are highly visible – tasks such as obtaining permits, evaluating proposals, setting up a meeting, and monitoring progress as the project proceeds. For a construction manager or owner’s representative, one of the most vital [...]

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12 Fundraising Strategies Every Non-Profit Needs


Non-profit organizations often find themselves in difficult spots. They exist to accomplish a not-for-profit goal, and in many cases, that goal is to provide valuable services to the local community. These goals also generally do not bring in any sort of income for the organization, meaning that operational funds need to be found other ways, through [...]

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