Our People

We Build Things Differently. It Starts With A Handshake.

Friendly, hardworking people. Loyal, repeat clients. Conversations that evolve effortlessly. Back and forth that starts with an idea and ends with a solution. Our team understands the importance of lasting relationships.

From First Thought To Final Nail. This Is How Our Process Works.

For us, the true measure of performance is client loyalty. Sound structures and the concrete promise to keep raising the bar–it’s why clients keep coming back. Time and time again.

Our Process

Our Solutions

From Lecture Halls To Laboratories. Our Solutions Span Several Industries.

At SLL, we go where our clients need us to go. Our work spans across every sector of commercial building and is not limited by geographic reach. If we haven’t been there already, we will be soon.

Featured Projects

With more than three decades of providing service above expectation, our portfolio of award-winning construction projects encompasses all aspects of the commercial build environment. From mixed-use tenant improvements to schools of the future, we deliver projects that are defining commercial real estate across Southern California.

Experience SLL

Driven by passion and united by purpose, we are SLL. Our story goes beyond building the communities where we live and work. We each have something that makes us unique and different, and that makes our collaboration richer. We create a culture of teaching and learning through cross-mentoring that spans generations, disciplines, interests and talents. We strive to give each person exposure to the widest array of experiences possible to help them grow farther and faster than they could anywhere else.