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Team SLL: Best of the Best


At S.L. Leonard, we see ourselves as a team of visionaries. It is important to us that our team has interests and expertise beyond the sound educational structures of the profession. We value members who can bring community involvement, unique interests, talents, and abilities to our group. We see such a diversity of backgrounds as an [...]

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What Activities Are Included In Hard Costs And Soft Costs


When you are considering a real estate project, there are dozens of cost areas to measure up when drawing up a budget. Categorizing them and laying them out in your budget, or on your final project cost sheet, can be difficult. By breaking them into hard and soft costs, you can better get a picture of [...]

What Activities Are Included In Hard Costs And Soft Costs2018-03-23T21:49:44+00:00

Owner’s Guide To Project Delivery Methods


The delivery method of a project can be a tricky process to navigate, but it is exceptionally important to the project going well for you. As the owner, it’s one of the many conditions you’ll need to work out with your vendors and contractors. It can be a little unclear what the best project delivery methods [...]

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Building The Dream Team


There are many tasks that an owner’s representative or construction manager will perform over the course of a project. Plenty of them are highly visible – tasks such as obtaining permits, evaluating proposals, setting up a meeting, and monitoring progress as the project proceeds. For a construction manager or owner’s representative, one of the most vital [...]

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12 Fundraising Strategies Every Non-Profit Needs


Non-profit organizations often find themselves in difficult spots. They exist to accomplish a not-for-profit goal, and in many cases, that goal is to provide valuable services to the local community. These goals also generally do not bring in any sort of income for the organization, meaning that operational funds need to be found other ways, through [...]

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Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent…Even When You Can’t Pay Them Enough


The market for talented workers is tight as is – and for non-profit organizations, the recruitment and retaining of talent is even harder, due to the constraints of being a not-for-profit organization. These organizations aim to devote as much as possible towards the cause or goal of their mission, which can sometimes create a squeeze. In [...]

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent…Even When You Can’t Pay Them Enough2018-02-06T20:40:29+00:00

Paving The Way: Leadership Strategies For Women In Construction


The construction industry is not just about getting a paycheck, particularly as you are elevated to senior or leadership roles. Even then, you can’t just lead – you need to engage leadership strategies. The construction world is about creating, fulfilling projects, and building for the future. While women in construction have been limited in the past [...]

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