Miriam Tasker
Miriam TaskerProject Manager
Miriam Tasker brings over 30 years of design and construction experience to S.L. Leonard & Associates. Miriam has accumulated vast experience in project management, design, production of working drawings, coordination of consultants, and supervision of building construction for diverse building project types. These include hotels, offices, schools, shopping centers, churches, and single and multi-family low and high rise residential architecture.
  • Hands-on approach to project management planning and scheduling.
  • Compelling design and active supervision for construction projects.
  • Effectively manages both the design and construction of complex projects.
  • Impressive master plan management for diverse building project types.
  • Charles Drew University of Medicine & Science’s Life Sciences and Nursing Education Building
  • The Master’s University
  • WAV (Working Artists Ventura) Mixed Use Project
  • Miriam is an immigrant from Nigeria.
  • Miriam received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Iowa State University.
  • Possesses a Master of Architecture degree from Texas A & M University.
  • For seventeen years, prior to her career at SLL, Miriam held a prestigious position of architectural director.

We found them to be exceedingly fair and diplomatic in handling any conflicts or misunderstandings. Their in-depth knowledge of both construction processes and methods was not only very educational to our team, it was reassuring to us as clients navigating new territory.

Kim Bernard, Executive Director Facilities Design, Walker + Zanger

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