Project Description

SLL provided training and consultation to this international luxury cruise line that refurbishes its ships every two and a half years. A team of contractors, designers, and staff had only 12 – 14 days to provide $25-30 million worth of work during its most recent dry dock period, and needed to act efficiently and effectively.

  • Provided workshops on project management for corporate staff, ship’s crew, designers and engineers involved in the renovation.
  • Reviewed and improved project oversight team structure, clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Improved communication and relationship between company oversight team, designers and contractors.
  • Recommended implementation of tools to track items and improve accountability.
  • Mentored multiple teams during dry dock period to recommend more efficient techniques.
  • Reviewed design and construction contracts and planning schedules to maximize efficiency and coordination during future refurbishments.

Project Details

Market Segment:



Crystal Cruises

Total Project Size:


We employed Sean to go over our structure and suggest changes that might improve the way we function during the shipyard period. Sean was very helpful to us as he was viewed as a neutral party, in particular in dealing with different factions that had different opinions as to why things were not going smoothly. In this
capacity, he worked a bridge between these people and helped to bring about better communication and problem resolution. Sean’s personality and skills helped us avoid disputes and find solutions that would have been more difficult to achieve by ourselves.
Joe Valenti, Senior Vice President, Marine Operations