Project Description

Affordable housing with one-, two- and three-bedroom units designed in an Italian Villa style in Thousand Oaks.

  • Performed constructability reviews.
  • Managed the public bid process.
  • Negotiated the guaranteed maximum price contract with successful general contractor.
  • Negotiated $80,000 reduction in one change order request for unforeseen underground conditions, and realized a final 5.8% savings in the GMP contract.

Project Details

Market Segment:



Many Mansions


Lauterbach & Associates, Architects

The SLL team were core members of our project team, and made a significant contribution to the success of our project. Their mere presence mitigated a lot of potential conflict. They scrutinized all change orders and payment requests so we did not have to worry about it as much. They more than paid for themselves in staff time and in savings of hard project costs. As such it is not surprising that the project came in under budget. In the future we plan to get them involved earlier in the design phase. They made the entire project easier on everyone – the architect, general contractor and our staff. Everyone has a great deal of respect for them.
Alex Russell, Executive Vice President of Housing Development, Many Mansions
Due to their strong reputation, I had very high expectations of SLL from the beginning, and they exceed them. The team’s technical knowledge enabled them to pinpoint and issues or potential issues that would affect our ‘critical path’ (construction schedule). SLL was extremely responsive and always available even beyond the contracted weekly construction meetings. SLL was a great resource at every stage of construction and continue to be even after project completion.
Mark Trinidad, Senior Project Manager, Many Mansions